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Paul Nagle - Biography

After touring the USA in a choir in his youth, Paul began to compose and perform electronic, experimental music in late 1970s. A leading figure in the UK electronic music scene, he released his early albums on cassette (remember those?) and performed at the legendary first UK Electronica festival in 1983. He has, over the years, released many new age / chillout and electronic albums, often in collaboration with other musicians.

With an emphasis on live spontaneity, Paul has performed at Jodrell Bank Planetarium (UK), the Alpha Centauri Festival (Holland), Different Skies (Arizona, USA), the Harmonia Festival (Spain) and at the Ricochet Gathering events in Italy, Croatia, Romania and more. With collaborations that include the bands Binar (with Andy Pickford), Joint Intelligence Committee (with Phil Smillie), Ideation (with Pete Ruczynski) and Headshock (with Tim Rafferty), he has gained a vast amount of experience in both composition, production and performance.

Sound On Sound magazine regularly reaps the benefit of this long experience: Paul is a highly respected reviewer of musical instruments, effects and software. Paul has also notched up programming credits for Roland, Access, DSI and Waldorf and has provided technical input to Steinberg, Access, Waldorf and most recently UK company Sequentix, in the development of the P3 and Cirklon sequencers.

Turning to music and writing full-time, he has recently embraced the world of Apple, running Logic, Ableton Live, Wavelab and softsynths such as Omnisphere, Diva and Kontakt. Of course, the hardware side of the studio is still close to hand, integrated beautifully with the Mac thanks to the Sequentix Cirklon sequencer.

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